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Why is it called a Staycation?

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We have to admit, we’ve been absolutely ripped apart online for calling our new magazine Staycation Inspiration. A lot of people are really not a fan of the S word and how it’s being used.

Oxford dictionary actually defines Staycation as “A holiday spent at home or in one’s country of residence” though. Honestly, it does.

But we’re not here to play the grammar police. What we are here to do is help you find incredible UK destinations for your next holiday. Especially if you’re usually the first on a plane away from the UK when summer starts and have missed all the amazing sights right on your doorstep.

That’s what our Staycation Inspiration mag is all about.

The new Staycation Inspiration Issue 2 is 48 pages packed full of holiday itineraries, hints and tips and travel guides – all written by our very own team.

Do you know the best part? We’re giving away the digital download completely FREE!

Issue 2 features: Isle of Anglesey, Ceredigion, Somerset, Cornwall, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Norfolk, Essex, Nottinghamshire, Herefordshire, North York Moors, Lake District, Lancashire, Edinburgh and The Lothians, Perthshire and Ayrshire and Arran.

You also have the option to purchase a printed copy for just £4.99. This charge is solely to cover the costs of printing and postage.

Personally, we don’t mind if you call it a staycation, a UKation or just a plain old vacation. As long as you get out and keep making unforgettable memories together, that’s all that matters.

And as always, enjoy the journey.

Download your free copy of Staycation Inspiration Issue 2 »»

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