Treasured Islands by Peter Naldrett


Treasured Islands by Peter Naldrett is a comprehensive and inspiring guide to 200 of Britain’s most beautiful and interesting islands.

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‘The definitive guide to Britain’s quirky and rugged islands. Islands have always had a mysterious allure – Peter has managed to capture the magical essence of our old favourites and lesser known gems.’ Ed Stafford

Islands represent adventure, mystery, wilderness and escapism. Surrounded by water, they’re somewhere to run away to, to be marooned on, to find a paradise. The British Isles includes some 194 inhabited islands (out of a total of over 6,000), ranging from remote lost worlds to famous and popular holiday spots.

Treasured Islands by Peter Naldrett includes them all, in one enticing package. This wonderfully comprehensive and inspiring guide starts off with a Best of section, highlighting the ten best islands for foodies, wildlife, adrenaline-junkies and pure escapism. Then, region by region, the author explores the UK’s most wonderful islands.

Illustrated with beautiful colour photography, the text ensures you won’t miss out on must-see attractions, wildlife and natural features, local food specialties, sporting activities, best places to stay and eat, and all-important transport links to and from the mainland, and other nearby islands. For some light relief, there are interesting historical and cultural anecdotes woven through, giving a fascinating insight into the way of life on these sometimes remote settlements.

‘A wonderful book filled with hidden gems, helping us to connect with the majestic beauty of the British coastline.’ Levison Wood


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