The Green Ink Ghost by B J Mears


Short description: In The Green Ink Ghost by B J Mears, Ben has created a fascinating world, rich in detail and intriguing characters. A mystery to be solved indeed! –Dan Sefton, screenwriter (The Mallorca Files, Trust Me, The Good Karma Hospital and many more)

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The Green Ink Ghost by B J Mears, a classic thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world, reminiscent of Dickensian London, is a real page turner. The characters draw the reader into the class divide between the silkers and the threaders, and after a few pages you are there on the streets of Old Camdon with Michael Banyard and Josiah Mingle as they attempt to unravel the information they are receiving from a mysterious letter writer. The vivid descriptions of the surroundings and people allow you to stand alongside the private investigators on every step of their earnest, funny and soul-searching quest for the truth. Prepare to be taken on a well-written, winding road through the incredible imagination of Ben Mears. –Julian Roderick, teacher, author of The Felix Jones Adventures

Ben Mears goes from strength to strength as a writer and storyteller. A voice that latches on to you and doesn’t let go until the end. –Dr Alistair Sims, bookseller and publisher


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