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Michelin star cooking in a campervan: Watch the trailer

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Yep, you read that title right. Michelin star cooking… in a campervan! Not only is it possible, but it can also be much simpler than you think. Not long ago on the Motorhome Matt podcast, we loosened our belts, headed off in search of local ingredients and, with the help of a local chef, cooked up a campervan feast! Watch the episode trailer below to get a taste of our adventure or head to the full episode now.

Eating local while travelling on the Motorhome Matt podcast

As travelling tourists in our motorhomes, campervans and caravans, we have a unique ability to make an impact on the local economies we visit. Staying in a destination means that we can spend money and help small businesses, be it cafes, shops, attractions or campsites.

In this special podcast episode, Matt was challenged to source a motorhome feast from within a few miles of his camp. By sourcing local foods and produce, we aimed to truly taste the destination and enjoy more of what the region has to offer, all of which was to be prepared and cooked in our lovely Adria Twin campervan – with just a 2 burner gas hob and a small grill. (Spoiler: we didn’t even use the grill!)

Motorhome Matt Michelin Star Cooking In Motorhome Ethicurean Web 24
Matt And Matthew In The Barley Wood Walled Gardens

Now, Matt won’t mind us telling you that he is no culinary expert. That’s why we enlisted the help of a professional, Mr Matthew Pennington, who owns a local Michelin Green Star restaurant, The Ethicurean, based in Wrington. Matthew kindly agreed to show us how a meal in a campervan can be sourced locally, affordable, simple to cook AND fit for an award-winning restaurant.

Our challenge to you is this: rather than purchase your food at home before travelling, try to arrive at your destination and visit the local shops, find the region’s flavours and taste your destination. Make a difference to the local economies you visit and have a positive impact on the businesses there.

Motorhome Matt Michelin Star Cooking In Motorhome Ethicurean Web 63
Not A Bad View To Have While Cooking Your Campervan Dinner

We want to add a quick thank you to The Ethicurean Restaurant, and special thanks to its co-owner, Matthew, for spending a day to help produce this episode and cook this incredible meal.

Watch the full episode on YouTube now

037 Cooking In Motorhome Hero Web
Michelin Star Cooking In A Motorhome Is Available To Watch On Youtube. Or You Can Listen On Your Favourite Podcast Platform.
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