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eScooters for sale

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The latest craze in the UK has to be eScooters. One of the most talked about forms of mobility in the world at the moment. More popular than a Segway, lower priced than an electric bike and more accessible than most other forms of electric transport. Luckily, we have a new range of eScooters for sale!

We have a stock of great scooters for children and adults. Prices start at just £299. Hours of fun, easy to use, simple to look after and, well, a brilliant activity for the whole family.

Our eScooters have been carefully selected for value, price and build quality. Whether you are looking for hard tyres, inflated tyres, front suspension, rear suspension, full suspension, disc brakes, electric brakes, light up decks, brightly coloured bodies or you are not sure what you want, we can help. We have all been having a laugh on them and on the way, learning lots about this great new product range. As a result, we can tell you how it is. What to look out for, what’s great and what’s not about each different type and therefore what might be the best for you.

We sell eScooter accessories too

That Leisure Shop E Mobility Accessories
View our range of eScooter accessories

We also sell a range of helmets and eScooter locks to ensure you and your scooter are safe.

Be mindful and scoot safe

Remember, and this is important. Electric Scooters are only allowed to be used on private land with the landowners permission. They are illegal to use on roads, pavements and cycle paths unless an approved model. eScooter trials are currently running in lots of cities throughout the UK and Europe including our very own Bristol. You may have seen them on the streets in their fetching salmon pink: these are a permitted to use model. We look forward to seeing the regulations extended to privately owned scooters in time once the rules and laws have been sorted. In the meantime, get some practice on your own eScooter from us! Just be mindful as to where you use it.

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