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eBikes for sale now at That Leisure Shop

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We have a selection of eBikes for sale, suitable for adults of all cycling abilities and carefully chosen our to ensure they are great value and easy to use. We currently have a folding eBike that is ideal for use in a motorhome or caravan. Also in stock, we have a mountain bike designed for men and women alike.

The folding electric bike

E Scape Comfort Plus Folding Electric Bike 20In Grey 1
E-Scape Electric bike range

Think Brompton style with a motor!

A lightweight and foldable e-bike. the E-Scape Classic Electric Bike will help you enjoy a ride in the fresh air without too much strain or trouble. The large, 20-inch wheels are designed for maximum stability and safety, while the rust-proof aluminium frame will prove easy to manoeuvre, and can be folded up for easy storage. Running off a Samsung 36 volt battery, this bike will take just three to four hours to recharge, and can reach speeds of up to 25km/h. Available in either sharp black or smooth grey, the E-Scape Classic Electric Bike is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a stylish, practical, and affordable electrical bicycle.

An adjustable saddle and handlebar height makes the bike suitable for most adult riders; easy to use controls keep the Shimano 7-speed gear system and electric assistance controls close to hand.

The SAMSUNG Lithium 10Ah battery is mounted behind the seat post and can be unlocked and removed for security quickly and easily by tilting the saddle forward with the lever integrated into the saddle clamp. The battery can be charged either on the bike or off the bike. Note: If storing the bike outdoors in a shed or garage during winter months it is recommended to store the battery indoors to protect against extreme cold.

The E-Scape comes fully equipped with front and rear lighting, mudguards and a rear luggage carrier. The Selle Royal saddle is padded and comfortable whether nipping out to the shops or spending the day exploring.


  • Stable and comfortable electric bike
  • Rust proof, foldable frame
  • Adjustable handle bars & saddle


  • Height: 65cm
  • Width: 88cm
  • Depth: 46cm
  • Weight: 21.5kg
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Batteries Required: 1 x Samsung 36 volt/10.4 amp (included)
  • Charge Time: 3 – 4 hours
  • Maximum User Weight: 120kg

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The off road Mountain eBike

E Scape Electric Mountain Bike 27.5In Grey 1
E-Scape Off Road Electric Mountain Bike

Lightweight, powerful and comfortable

This E-Scape Off Road Electric Mountain Bike runs off a powerful battery to aid you in intense rides along uneven roads. Suitable for all sizes thanks to the adjustable handlebars and saddle, this bike features a large torque motor and long-lasting, integrated Samsung battery that takes under four hours to charge to provide you with the best performance. Made from lightweight, rust-proof aluminium, this bike is not just powerful, but sleek as well to ensure you look fantastic while riding.


  • Adjustable saddle & handlebars
  • Integrated, long-lasting battery
  • Large wheels ideal for uneven terrain


  • Height: 110cm
  • Width: 180cm
  • Depth: 63cm
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Batteries Required: 1 x Samsung 36 volt/10.4 amp (included)
  • Charge Time: 3 – 4 hours
  • Maximum User Weight: 120kg

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