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Donate to our Book Swap Shelf!

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According to some estimates, up to 13 million books are sent to the UK’s landfills every year, a thought that makes us book lovers at That Leisure Shop despair.

New research also suggests that children today read less frequently than any previous generation and even enjoy reading less than young people did in the past. In 2019, only 26% of under-18s spent some time each day reading.

As a travel and leisure shop, we believe reading is an essential part of what we do. Whether you’re passing time on your journey, getting new travel inspiration or just hanging out in a hammock, books are full of inspiration that fuels yours and your child’s imagination.

The Book Swap Shelf

That Leisure Shop Book Swap Donate

That’s why, alongside our regular library of beautiful travel books and fiction for sale, we are launching a secondhand book swap!

Our objective is to make a positive change and reuse the books we have already read, by extending life span and passing them on to others.

We are filling one of our shelves with secondhand fiction and non-fiction books, for all ages and we need your help to do so!

If you’re popping in store to see us and you know you have books gathering dust, then bring them along and donate them to the shelf.

What is a book swap?

That Leisure Shop Book Swap

Book swaps are simple. We’re filling our shelf with sourced and donated secondhand books. As you pop in and browse the shelf, if you see a book you’d like to read you are welcome to take it, in exchange for dropping off a book that you no longer want.

What books are we accepting?

That Leisure Shop Book Swap Beach Reading

We’re open to receiving all kinds of books! Fiction and non-fiction; adventure or romance; adult or kids.

Our only requirement is that any travel books you want to donate are less than five years old. This is because, as a travel shop, we want to give our customers the most updated travel advice. Travel information can quickly become out of date and we wouldn’t want anyone planning a journey somewhere that is no longer accessible.

Explore new worlds as you explore new destinations

That Leisure Shop Book Swap Reading Children

We would love to go on and on about the joys of reading and getting lost in a new story. Statistics also show that the more children read or are read to for fun, the higher their reading scores, generally. If you want to find out more about benefits of reading for children, Book Trust is a fantastic charity, with plenty of resources and research.

So, if you’re looking for entertainment for the family for those long travel journeys, then why not get away from the screen and stick your nose in a book for free!

Anyone can take a book from the shelf, all we ask is that you bring a book to swap it with.

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