Crespo AA-234-AEC-82 Air-Elite reclining chair (grey)


Crespo AA-234-AEC-82 Air-Elite reclining chair (grey)

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An extremely luxurious, and one of the most comfortable lounge chairs. The continuously adjustable lounge chair features an extra thick and sturdy 3D padded foam filling. This padded fabric runs completely around the frame, where the luxury fabric is fixed at the back and a very pleasant seat is created. The elastic also runs completely across the back for an increased degree of comfort. The finish also creates a stylish look. The foam-filling has an open cell structure, so no moisture is retained. Because of this the chair dries faster than other chairs with a traditional foam padding. Both the backrest and the armrests are ergonomically shaped and the seat is equipped with a brake system to fix the seat in any position. The chair has an H-frame for added stability and sturdiness. When folded this chair is very compact and easy to carry in the provided storage bag.
  • Relax chair with extra thick padded 3D fabric for maximum sitting comfort
  • Ergonomically shaped with the fabric completely fitted around the frame
  • Infinitely adjustable, easy to fold
  • With an anodised H-frame for extra stability and strength
  • Comes with its own storage bag
REF: 10563

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