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Celebrating 50 years of Flexifoil Kites

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We are delighted to announce that our good friends at Flexifoil Kites are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year!

If you’ve not yet come across Flexifoil, you may actually have seen their kites circling on the BBC ident – and their awesome power kites are a common sight at the beach too.

The history of Flexifoil

In 1972, Flexifoil broke new ground when they invented the world’s very first power kite which in 1989 went on to clock an incredible speed of 130mph in Maryland, USA. What’s more, Sir Richard Branson (a massive Flexifoil fan) has accomplished 3 Guinness World Records using their kites!

Flexifoil Kites 50Th Anniversary Offer 16 9
Sir Richard Branson Making A New World Record With A Flexifoil Kite

Why That Leisure Shop has teamed up with Flexifoil

Matt is a huge Flexifoil supporter and keeps (at least) one in the boot of his car on the off chance an opportunity strikes to get a fly in! His kids are crazy for two line kites and he is currently planning a kiting adventure with his son, Reuben – or, as he’s better known around here, our motorhome tour guide.

Matt got in touch with Anthony Van Dort, the second-generation owner of Flexifoil, who shared the fantastic news of Flexifoil’s 50-year anniversary. To celebrate, they’re putting on a truly unmissable offer! Matt himself is so keen that he’s waiting for his order to arrive.

While stocks last, our friends at Flexifoil are giving away 3 kites for free (yes, that’s right, absolutely FREE!) with every Sting power kite purchase.

Flexifoil Kites 50Th Anniversary Offer 16 9 5
The Sting Power Kite In Action

You can also download their fantastic kite guide for free – it’s the ideal companion for your first kiting adventure.

What’s more, Flexifoil is unique among kite brands as it is the only one in the entire world that offers a lifetime money-back guarantee. This means you can buy, fly, love or return the kites, used or not, at any time in the future for a full refund – no questions asked!

We know how much you guys love adventure, so we wanted to share this outstanding offer with you – we hope you too will discover the fun of kiting (and get nearly £200 worth of kites for free!)

Get the guide and snap up your kites

You can download the Flexifoil kite guide here which will then take you through to this amazing offer, or you can jump straight to the amazing offer here.

Happy kiting from all of us!

Group 91
Download the guide and get your kites

And remember to always, enjoy the journey.

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