Caravan and motorhome exterior cleaning kit



Keep your leisure vehicle looking spic-and-span with our caravan and motorhome exterior cleaning kit!


What's included

CD black streak remover

The black streak remover is the perfect solution for those black streaks that can appear on your vehicle during the wetter months.


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Autoglym Super resin polish 1L

Refresh and revive your vehicle’s exterior, with the Autoglym Super Resin polish. This award winning formula helps remove minor scuffs, scratches and paint transfer, and adds a high gloss shine that leaves your vehicle looking like-new.


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Autoglym high performance tyre gel 500ml

Autoglym high performance tyre gel is a highly durable formula that leaves either a high gloss or natural satin finish to your tyres.


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Autoglym bumper and trim detail 450ml

The Autoglym bumper and trim detail instantly revives and protects all exterior unpainted plastic and rubber surfaces, returning them to their original colour.


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Autosmart 20/20 clear window cleaner

Autosmart 20/20 clear window cleaner is a quick and easy solution to streaky windows. It is perfect for removing all kinds of dirt and grim and is ammonia free.


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Autosmart polishing sponge

This highly effective polishing sponge is made from natural cellulose that holds polish and allows for best results on your vehicle!


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Microfibre cloth (yellow)

Make your surfaces shine with this ultra soft, durable and super absorbent microfibre cloth that removes dirt, grease and dust with ease.


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