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The Campingaz 901 gas bottle is purpose-built for intensive and extensive use, making it the perfect option for cooking for the family on long trips away. The portable, easy to store canister can be packed away without a fuss and reused again and again.

Please note: Campingaz 901 bottles are now discontinued. Shop Campingaz 904 gas bottles instead.



Yes, I have a bottle to exchange
Please select this option if you have an empty gas bottle to return in exchange for a full bottle. You must bring this bottle when coming in to collect your order.

CALOR BOTTLES: you must have an empty gas bottle from the same category. See details on the Calor website.

CAMPINGAZ BOTTLES: you must have an empty of the same bottle type to exchange and the screw thread protection fitting must be attached.

No, I require a bottle
If you do not have an empty gas bottle to return to us, you will need to start a refill contract and pay a deposit on the bottle. This deposit price will be automatically added to your total order cost and includes the price of a new bottle.

If the “NO, I REQUIRE A BOTTLE” option is not available, then unfortunately we cannot start a new contract on this bottle.

However, we occasionally have stocks of empty gas bottles available for purchase, so please get in touch for details if you need an empty bottle to exchange.

What is the contract?
When you buy a Calor gas bottle from us, you’ll be asked to pay for and agree to the Cylinder Refill Agreement which legally states that the cylinder always remains the property of Calor Gas Limited. When it’s empty, you can simply exchange it for a pre-filled cylinder within the same category group, or return the cylinder in good order to a Calor Centre for a partial refund.

When you buy a Campingaz bottle from us you’ll be asked to pay a deposit for the bottle. When it’s empty, you can exchange it for a pre-filled cylinder of the same type.

Cylinder Type

400g Butane







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