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The Best Christmas Gifts for Motorhome or Caravan Owners in 2021

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If you’re stuck looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for motorhome or caravan owners in your life, then look no further! We’ve put together a list of the perfect present ideas for motorhome, caravan and campervan lovers, glamping kings and queens, road-trip kids and outdoorsy adventure seekers.

Our top Christmas gifts for motorhome or caravan owners

In our experience, vanlife and camping people love two types of presents: nifty and useful gadgets and funny gifts. These lists are a mixture of those things (plus the less exciting, but just as necessary items) split into the hobbies and type of activity we think the gift would be great for!

We’ve also put each list into price order – stocking fillers and smaller gifts appear first in each section and more expensive gifts are at the end.

Gifts for motorhome lovers

We’ve got some ideas of Christmas gifts for motorhome owners that will make your holiday season merry and bright. From cosy homeware to high tech gear, we’ve got everything you need to make your trip unforgettable.

Table Clip Drink Holder

Table Clip Drink Holders 9

Avoid campsite drink spillages with these colourful and extremely handy table drink clips. The strong spring and sturdy plastic keeps your glass in place against knocks and wobbles.

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Kontrol Streamline Moisture Trap With Extra 500g Refill – £7.99

Kontrol Streamline Moisture Trap Mega Deal With Extra 500G Refill 2

A slightly less exciting but certainly necessary gift, moisture traps are a great tool for keeping damp at bay during the winter.

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Smartphone Wireless Desktop Charger – £9.99

Status Wireless Desktop Charger 3

For all the gadget lovers, easily charge your smartphone with this wireless charger. Powered by USB, it can easily be plugged into a motorhome.

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Autoglym Motorhome Cleaner – £9.99

Autoglym Caravan And Motorhome Cleaner 1

For those that want their pride and joy sparkling when spring comes around, this concentrated formula from Autoglym can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces, and offers incredible results.

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Around The Coast In 80 Days – £12.99

Around The Coast In 80 Days Peter Naldrett

Around The Coast In 80 Days by Peter Naldrett is a journey around the best of Britain’s coastline, the perfect guide for exploring the UK in a home on wheels.

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Home Is Where You Park It Motorhome Lamp – £17.99

Home Is Where You Park It Motorhome Led Lamp 2

You can’t call yourself a motorhome lover if you don’t have an abundance of motorhome-themed items at home. Add to their collection with the Home is Where You Park it light. They come in motorhome, caravan and campervan form (some you’ll see below).

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Low Wattage Boil-It Kettle and Toast-It Toaster – £34.99 and £22.99

Toastit Toaster Blue
Toastit Kettle Blue

Coordinate their motorhome kitchen with the Boil-It and Toast-It set from Via Mondo. Both appliances are low-wattage and made for travel.

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Motorhome Cover – from £169.99

Maypole Motorhome Cover Grey 1

What could be a better gift than to protect their pride and joy from the elements and bird droppings.

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Photonic Universe Folding Solar Panel – £219.99

Photonic Universe Folding Solar Panel With Mppt 100W 12V 4

For off-grid adventurers, the Photonic Universe folding solar panel is a powerful and durable choice with MTTP.

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E-Scooters – from £239

Riley Rs1 Electric Scooter 2

Great fun at home or exploring on private land, our range of e-scooters includes models for both adults and kids.

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Vision Plus 21.5in HD LED Freeview TV – £329.99

Vision Plus 21.5In Hd Led Freeview Tv

Get a holiday movie night going with Vision Plus’ range of LED TVs, purpose built for leisure vehicles. And don’t forget a wall bracket to mount securely in the motorhome.

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Avtex Tourer Two Motorhome Sat Nav – £349.99

Avtex Tourer Two Satnav 2

The Avtex Tourer Two motorhome sat nav features innovative and market leading technology, brought together by a superior collaboration between Avtex and Garmin to make life on the road feel like a breeze.

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Gifts for caravan lovers

Whether they just bought their first caravan or they’ve been traveling in one for years, we’ve got something for everyone on your list. So read on to discover the perfect Christmas gift for caravan owners in your life!

Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner – £8.99

Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner 1L 2

Get their caravan sparkling (or give them the tools to do it themselves at least) with Fenwick’s caravan cleaner.

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Fozzils Snapfold Colander – £8.99

Fozzils Snapfold Colander Blue Grey 2

This snapfold colander from Fozzil’s folds completely flat and snaps into shape for quick and easy use to save space in small caravan cupboards.

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The Extra Mile – £14.99

The Extra Mile Delicious Alternatives

Find a better motorway service alternative during travels with The Extra Mile by Laura Collacott And Alastair Sawday.

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Home Is Where You Tow It Caravan Lamp – £17.99

Home Is Where You Tow It Caravan Led Lamp Pink 2

A caravan light for a caravan lover! These great novelty lights are the perfect Christmas stocking filler.

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Portable Ceramic Heater – £21.99

Quest Barbuda Portable Ceramic Heater 2

Keep them warm in winter with a portable heater, designed for caravan, motorhome and campervan travel.

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Low Watt Glass Light Up Camping Kettle – £22.99

Quest Glass Light Up Camping Kettle 5

Who says that a travelling kitchen can’t be stylish? We have to disagree when this glass, light up and low wattage kettle is in front of us.

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Adria Owners Club hitch cover – £24.99

Adria Owners Club Uk A Frame Hitchcover 1

Time to show off their devotion to caravan life with the Adria Owners Club UK hitch cover. It has two functions: to protects their beloved caravan and start conversations on the campsite.

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Towing mirrors – £48.99

Maypole Caravan Towing Mirror With Flat Glass Clamp On Pair 2

A key safety feature that every caravan owner legally needs whilst towing, towing mirrors are a great and handy Christmas gift – particularly for new owners.

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Ring Solar Panel – £67.99

Ring Solar Power Panel Portable Battery Charger Maintainer 6W 1

Every bit of power whilst on the road is crucial, so having a solar panel is a great way to make it last longer. These Ring solar panels are small and easy to transport.

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Caravan Top Cover – from £74.99

Maypole Caravan Top Cover Silver 1

You can’t go wrong with covers. A great way to protect a caravan, particularly if it’s in storage throughout the winter.

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Avtex 249DSFVP Freeview Play Connected TV – £419.99

Avtex 249Dsfvp Freeview Play Connected Tv 1

Cosy movie nights are not far away with the Avtex range of ultra-compact, top-quality TVs with all the latest mod cons. The best part? It’s designed for life on the road and reliable on 12V, 24V and 240V. Get a wall mount to keep it secure on the wall during travel.

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Gifts for campervan lovers

If you’re looking for some ideas to spoil the campervan owner in your life, here are some of our favourite Christmas gifts for campervan owners. From VW gear (and plenty of it) to space space tech.

Home Is Where You Park It Mat – £5.99

Home Is Where You Park It Heavy Duty Vw Camper Mat 1

If they’re not fully in the vanlife movement yet, then they soon will be with this Home is where you park it door mat. The funkiest thing you’ll ever wipe your feet on. Also available in a washable version.

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Collapsible LED Lantern – £6.49

Quest Collapsible Led Lantern 4

Collapsible, collapsible, collapsible! Those are our favourite type of Christmas gifts for campervan owners, where every centimetre of space matters. These nifty Quest collapsible lights are perfect for hanging around the van or awning and pack a good punch for their size.

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2in1 Salt And Pepper Mill – £8.99

Salt And Pepper Pot

Even that extra pepper mill takes up room in a campervan cupboard. Compact and convenient, the 2in1 salt and pepper mill combines our two favourite cooking essentials all within one adorable container,

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The Camper Van Bible – £15

The Campervan Bible Martin Dorey

The Camper Van Bible is THE definitive glovebox bible for anyone who owns or ‘would die for’ a camper van – a great gift for a friend hoping to dive into vanlife.

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VW Campervan Cool Bag – £17.99

Vw Campervan Coolbag 30L 3

Yes, of course we have more VW themed gifts! These are our most stylish and practical cool bags, perfect for that campervan picnic.

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Home Is Where You Park It VW Camper Lamp – £17.99

Home Is Where You Park It Vw Camper Led Lamp 2

Our next Home is where you park it light; the VW camper. Need we say more?

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The Van Conversion Bible – £24.99

The Van Conversion Bible Book Sat On A Shelf With A Stack Of The Books Laid Sideways Next To It

We think you’re allowed two bibles when it comes to campervans. The Van Conversion Bible by Charlie Low and Dale Comley shows you the entire process, including costs, gear and designs, of converting a van. Trust us, by the look of their van this is definitely one to get if you’re thinking of taking the plunge.

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Kampa Squash Collapsible Electric Kettle – £29.99

Kampa Squash Collapsible Electric Kettle 0.8L 1

For a quick morning cuppa on the go, this Kampa collapsible kettle is the perfect companion when space is limited.

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3 Piece Non-Stick Sauce Pan Set with Removable Handles – £29.99

Quest 3 Piece Non Stick Sauce Pan Set 3

These pans feature removable handles, a great design if cupboards are small but you still want the option to cook up a full-sized feast.

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Internal Thermal Silver Screen Blind – £41.99

Vw T5 T6 Campervan Internal Thermal Silver Screen Blind 1

Sometimes privacy is the best gift you can gift. Not only that, this silver screen is thermal, so it will help keep warm on those cold camp evenings.

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Autoglym Ultra High Definition Wax Gift Pack – £69.99

Autoglym Ultra High Definition Wax Gift Pack 1

We don’t expect you to wash their van, but you can give them the tools to make it sparkle! The pack includes luxurious high foaming shampoo that cleans paintwork and leaves a silky smooth, high-gloss finish, plus Autoglym’s finest wax for the ultimate mirror-like shine.

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Outdoor Revolution Double Induction Hob – £89.99

Outdoor Revolution Double Induction Hob 3

This induction hob from Outdoor Revolution is a safe and ideal alternative to live flame gas cookers. Innovative technology offers a fast and convenient solution to preparing all tasty camper meals. Induction pans are also available here.

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VW Campervan Cover – £110.99

Maypole Campervan Cover Vw T2 Grey 1

After they’ve waxed and shined with Autoglym’s gift pack, they’ll certainly need to keep their pride and joy protected from dreaded birds and scratches.

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Gifts for glampers

Glampers are always looking for ways to make their outdoor experiences even better. So, with that in mind, here’s our list of the best Christmas gifts for glampers – something to help them enjoy their time in nature even more!

Biotrem Wheat Bran Biodegradable Tableware – from £1.99

Biotrem Wheat Bran Biodegradable Tableware 2

For the glamping eco-warriors, Biotrem’s range of biodegradable tableware is a revolutionary product. Made from only natural raw materials, they are fully compostable and, technically, edible (we wouldn’t recommend trying it though, Matt still hasn’t gotten over the memory).

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Brunner Anti-Slip Hot Mug – £4.49

Brunner Anti Slip Hot Mug Orange 1

Is it possible for a mug to be high tech? Yes. Yes it is. These Brunner mugs feature an anti-slip rubber base (perfect for wonky camping tables) and the 100% ABS hot liquid resistant resylin keeps the outside cool and the insides hot (perfect for when there aren’t any camping tables).

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Hands Free Glass Holder – £4.99

Hands Free Glass Holder 4

The outdoor version of our table clips, these hands-free glass holders are perfect for wine nights around the camp fire. Admittedly, these are one of our favourite products that we stock.

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Quest Outdoor Eco Log Candle – £5.99

Quest Outdoor Log Candle 1

For when the fire wood’s wet, this Quest eco log candle will keep everyone warm. It burns for 1.5-2 hours, and immediately gives out a natural ambient light that keeps everyone cosy.

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Camp Stove Folding Toaster – £6.99

Camp Stove Folding Toaster For Grill 2

For those that won’t compromise on having perfectly toasted bread, this ingenious gadget lets you make toast on a normal gas hob.

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Boil-It 2L Whistling Stainless Steel Camping Kettle – £10.99

Boil It 2L Whistling Stainless Steel Camping Kettle Lavender 1

Bold and bright, the Boil-It range of stainless steel kettle are a sturdy choice for a colourful camp kitchen.

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Brunner Bamboo Bread Board – £11.99

Brunner Anti Slip Bread Board 1

Brunner’s brilliant kitchen solutions go far beyond mugs. These breadboards, made from high-quality bamboo and melamine, catch crumbs through a slatted top to keep your surface tidy.

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Bo-Camp Harlem 6 piece cutlery set – £12.99

Bo Camp 6 Piece Outdoor Cutlery Set Harlem

The Bo-Camp Harlem cutlery set is a stylish and sturdy companion for any campouts or picnics.

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The England Coast Path – £14.99

The England Coast Path Stephen Neale

In 2018 Stephen Neale became one of the first people to walk and camp along the whole of the 3,000-mile coastal path, and in doing so has written a fantastically detailed and rich guidebook covering the route itself.

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Maypole Smart Air Pump – £48.99

Maypole Smart Air Pump 6

Who needs to waste time hand (or foot) pumping when they could have Maypole’s quick inflation smart pump. The handheld rechargeable air pump has a powerful 2000mAh lithium ion battery and can even be used as a power bank for mobile phone charging.

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Midland Chaise Butterfly Metal Frame Chair – £74.99

Midland Chaise Butterfly Metal Chair Grey 1

A way to truly camp in style, Midland’s ultra-comfortable butterfly chair is just as good to look at as it is to sit in.

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Brunner Action 2 Seater Sofa – £85

Brunner Action 2 Seater Sofa 2

Sometimes, you just want to cosy up next to someone when around the campfire. Now you can, with Brunner’s 2 seater foldable sofa. As long as Matt gives you room to sit, that is.

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Crespo AP-352 Folding Table – £150

Crespo Ap 352 Folding Table 120Cmx90Cm 8

Crespo is no doubt the perfect outdoor furniture brand for any glamper, which is why we’ve included three of our favourite Crespo pieces. With a heat-resistant tabletop and aluminium frame, this robust yet lightweight table is perfect for camp dining.

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Crespo AP-105 Utility Cupboard – £188.99

Crespo Ap 105 89 Double Folding Kitchen Utility Cupboard Grey 2

For the camp chef, Crepso’s kitchen unit is the perfect Christmas gift. Adjustable legs, side pockets, lockable zips and a collapsible frame make this our top camping kitchen unit.

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Crespo AP-232 Air Deluxe Recliner Chair – £200

Crespo Ap 232 Air Deluxe Recliner Chair 2

We’re not sure if we can put into words just how comfortable Crespo’s range of Air Deluxe chairs are. If we had to try, we’d say they’re really, really, reeeeaaally comfortable. We’d place a bet that anyone who receives this for Christmas will be sat in it for the rest of the festive period.

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E-Scape Key West Folding Electric Bike – £999

E Scape Key West Folding Electric Bike 16In Grey 1

All the convenience of a folding bike with the power and ease of an e-bike, the E-Scape Key West folding electric bike is built to be highly practical and versatile, with enhanced features that let them take their adventures to a whole new level.

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Gifts for adventure seekers

These gifts are perfect for your favourite camper, hiker or all round outdoor enthusiast who enjoys spending their free time out in nature.

Aqua Clean Tabs Mini Water Purifying Tablets – £6.99

40 Aqua Mini Tabs

A great stocking filler for the adventure seeker in your life, give them the gift of clean water!

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Highlander Compact Backpacking Folding Seat – £10.99

Highlander Compact Backpacking Folding Seat Carry Handles 3

Yes, this really is a chair. And a surprisingly comfortable one. Out top pick for hikers and adventurers that also want a back rest whilst enjoying a break.

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Coast FL14 Water Resistant IPX4 Head Torch – £14.99

Image 13 Scaled E1635348606693

Water and now light? We’re really getting into the four elements here. (Fire is next… sort of). Highly functional and affordable, the Coast FL14 water resistant IPX4 head torch offers outstanding value for money, with red and white LEDs.

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Wilderness Chef – £15

Wilderness Chef Ray Mears

Camping doesn’t have to mean dry food and one-pot meals. Wilderness Chef is a gorgeous and inspiring outdoor cookbook that goes back to basics, and then beyond, from the master of bushcraft, Ray Mears.

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E-Scape Off Road Electric Mountain Bike – £1,249.99

E Scape Electric Mountain Bike 27.5In Grey 1

The ultimate electric bike for adventurers, E-Scape’s robust and lightweight electric off-road bike will take you off the beaten track to explore the greatest parts of mountain biking.

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Gifts for petrolheads

From stylish accessories to practical tools, here are some great Christmas gift ideas that any car lover will appreciate.

Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes – £4.99

Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes 2

Nothing is more annoying than standing back to look at your newly washed car, only for that pigeon to sail overhead and drop a big one right on top. For the car lover in your life, give them the gift of an instant fix with these Autoglym bird dropping wipes.

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HALF PRICE Maypole 13in-17in Universal Wheel Clamp – £19.99

Maypole 13In 17In Universal Wheel Clamp A2 Stock 4

We managed to snatch up some stock with minor (and we really mean minor) paint blemishes, which means we’re selling these Maypole wheel clamps 50% off! Only while stocks last.

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Maypole LED Work Lamp And Power Bank – £24.99

Maypole Led Worklamp And Powerbank 6

Light up their workshop with this handy and versatile work lamp. The magnetic base and 360° multi angle positioning means it can be used for any number of tasks, and it even doubles up as a powerful 2600mAh power bank, ideal for charging phones, tablets and other devices.

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Maypole Electronic Smart Battery Charger – £29.99

Maypole Electronic Smart Battery Charger 4A 12V 3

This versatile tool is recommended for a wide range of vehicles up to 2.5L and has smart charge features that will automatically select the appropriate charging mode based on battery voltage and condition.

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Autoglym Perfect Bodywork, Wheels And Interior Gift Collection – £74.99

Autoglym Perfect Bodywork Wheels And Interior Gift Collection 1

The ultimate gift for that person we all know, who cares about their car more than anything (or anyone) else. Featuring many of Autoglym’s award-winning cleaning products, it has everything needed to restore a car’s bodywork, wheels & interior to leave it looking like new!

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Gifts for road-trip kids

Whether they’re just getting started in camping or are seasoned veterans, we’ve got the perfect Christmas gifts for those adventure loving kids!

Home Is Where You Tow It Caravan LED Lamp – £7.99

Home Is Where You Tow It Caravan Led Lamp Red 2

If everyone is getting a Home is where you park it light, then the kids definitely deserve one too. This old-school caravan version is a great holiday companion.

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Children’s Happy Holiday Melamine Dinner Set – £10.99

5Pc Childrens Melamine Dinner Set

For the cutest camp meal, the Happy Holiday dinner set is our go to recommendation for the vanlife family.

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Quest Children’s Fun Folding Chairs – £13.99

Quest Childrens Fun Dinosaur Folding Chair 4
Quest Childrens Fun Unicorn Folding Chair 4

Keep your luxury Crespo furniture to yourself, sans arguments, with these awesome kids camping chairs with dinosaur and unicorn designs.

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Pedal Pro Scooter Helmet – £14.99

Escooter Helmet Orange

Safety first with the Pedal Pro scooter helmet, a comfortable and classic design that will allow them scoot with confidence.

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Child’s Fold Away Travel Toilet Porta Potti – £19.99

Child Travel Portable Potty

The child’s fold away travel toilet porta potti is the ideal portable toilet solution for kids under three years old. With its comfortable seat and splash guard, the kid’s toilet trips will be mess free and hassle free.

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Joyor F1 E-Scooter – £349

Joyor F1 E Scooter White 2

Cruise around in style with the Joyor F1 e-scooter – the perfect balance between performance, value, and comfort. Its height-adjustable handle bars make it a perfect scooter for kids.

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That’s Christmas 2021 sorted

We hope this gives you plenty of Christmas gift ideas for the outdoorsy people in your life, whether they’re mad about motorhoming, caravanning, driving, camping, caravanning or just getting out on an adventure!

And remember to always enjoy the journey

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Christmas Gifts For Motorhome Owners 2 3
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