Bo-Camp Industrial Melrose table 120x80cm


BC IND Table Melrose 120x80cm

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Designed with the outdoors in mind, the Bo-Camp Industrial Melrose table is the perfect addition to any leisure vehicle holiday. Its sleek yet understated design effortlessly blends in with any outdoor setting. The table’s durable construction is built to withstand the elements, ensuring that it will remain a reliable fixture in your outdoor space for years to come.

The Melrose’s powder-coated steel frame provides stability and support, while the weather-resistant tabletop adds an extra layer of protection against harsh weather conditions. The storage area underneath makes for a handy place to keep track of your valuables or make sure your deck of cards is close to hand!   

Whether you’re hosting a BBQ with friends or enjoying a quiet meal with family, the Melrose table’s spacious surface area is ideal for any occasion. It can easily accommodate a range of activities, from setting up a buffet spread to playing a board game. And when the party’s over, maintenance is a breeze – simply fold down and store it away until next time. 

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