Apex wheel clamp C3 D618-818mm W230mm


Fitting the Apex wheel clamp C3 D618-818mm W230mm to your motorhome or caravan is a tried and tested way to keep it secure wherever you are. Its straightforward fitting mechanism along with its weatherproof construction make it the perfect security device for your treasured vehicle.

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Designed to fit with your caravan or motorhome wheel, the Apex wheel clamp C3 D618-818mm W230mm is tested with Sold Secure Gold approval, offering you maximum protection against driveaway theft.

Simply fit in less than a minute with no tools required! It only needs to be set to your wheel diameter once, so you can easily use the clamp time and time again.

Its new and innovative design offers a protective rubber back plate, to prevent damage to the wheel when fitted. The unique, pick free high security patented locking system with thousands of possible key combinations ensures you can sleep well knowing your treasured vehicle is protected.

Robust steel construction makes this security device virtually indestructible, and with its water and corrosion resistant casing, you can be sure it will stand the test of time in any outdoor conditions.


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